Little Stones

Documentary and Docu-Series

LITTLE STONES profiles 12-16 women, each of whom are contributing a stone to the mosaic of the women’s movement through their art. Each of the 6-8 half-hour or hour-long episodes will feature 2-3 distinct artists in different countries who are working to promote a different aspect of women’s rights (ex. education, reproductive rights, domestic violence).


Each episode of LITTLE STONES will focus on a specific art form. For example, one episode will look at how dance is healing sexual violence survivors in India, and providing girls in Cuba a path out of poverty. Another episode will hone in on how street-theater is being used in Morocco to educate rural women about domestic violence, and how puppet theater is being used to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in India. Other episodes will look at feminist street art/graffiti’s role in ending domestic violence in Brazil and speaking out for women’s rights in post-war Afghanistan.

A rotating cast of female comedians, fashion bloggers, and journalists will be the show’s hosts, introducing the women and art forms explored in each episode. The host will visit each woman artist in her home country, giving viewers a chance to see each woman at work creating her art, and to learn about the various human rights issues facing women in the artist’s community.


This docu-series directed by EMMY® Award-winning filmmaker Sophia Kruz and cinematographer Meena Singh (HOLLIDAYSBURG, 20 FEET FROM STARDOM) has been designed to raise awareness about global women’s rights issues, and to celebrate creative, entrepreneurial, and arts-therapy based solutions to the most pressing challenges facing women globally.