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Season 1 - Airing on Discovery's ID Network (March 5, 2024)

YASNY Entertainment and Poppa Bull Productions, with our partners One and Blackfin, in association with Allen Horner of the National Intelligence Group, conceived this docuseries amidst the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. This show aims to illuminate the human dimension of the fugitive recovery system. It delves into the candid conversations sparked when a perpetrator is apprehended by a bounty hunter team and transported to face justice. Through authentic storytelling, the series unveils a slice of Americana that is unfiltered, captivating, emotionally charged, and at times, humorously absurd. Viewers are invited to witness the real-life journeys of both fugitives and bounty hunters, offering a compelling exploration of their experiences and motivations.

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Bail Jumpers

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