YASNY Entertainment is a creative company based in Los Angeles specializing in the creation of content for television, digital media and brands.


Who are we?  Husband and wife team Daniel and Tracy Balsz.


Yes, we know.  We've heard all the warnings about couples working together.  We also heard a couple who laughs together can work together.  We do both very well.


Daniel is a writer/producer that brings fresh, cutting-edge content. Tracy is the veteran entertainment industry executive who brings strong production acumen and marketing expertise to the team. Together, Daniel and Tracy bring over 35 years experience to YASNY, to work with production companies, networks, and brand marketers seeking to connect with today's diverse, wide-ranging audience.


With a passion for telling strong, compelling stories - be it in unscripted, docu-series, or digital media - YASNY prides itself in creating content that is distinctive, definitive and bold.


Anyway, that's a little about us.  We are YASNY. Thanks for reading and checking out our website.  We look forward to working with you.


You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!




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